Inner Wrestling Nerd started as a Twitter Account in early 2015. After consistent growth, we decided to build into a website where we offer our followers the latest wrestling news and rumors. We started with a blogger account and after success we decided to spend some money and take this seriously! Our goals are to provide the latest news and rumors for the business we love. We focus mainly on WWE and NXT but have been continuing to expand into other promotions as we grow.

As a Sociology major, I have made it my goal to try and end the stigma about being a wrestling fan. As a typical college student, my buddies were shocked when I told them I still watched professional wrestling. It had me thinking that individuals around the world all have thing that they are “nerds” for. It doesn’t matter if it is wrestling or anything else, we shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed for liking the things that we like. My goal is to start with wrestling and try to change the stigma that being a nerd is a bad thing!


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