Luke Harper Changes Up His Wrestling Gear

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Luke Harper is known for his signature (and stained) white tank top. At a house show this weekend, Harper changed things up a bit in his ring attire, sporting a black shirt. Not a huge change but WWE fans will agree that it is a bit weird seeing Harper in anything but his stained white shirt.

Here is a photo of the new shirt that he was wearing at the live event:

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Harper also looks very slim in this video posted by WWE:

It is unclear if this is a permanent change or was just for the weekend live event. We will have to wait and see on Smackdown this week if he wears it again.

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  • Joe Tompsett

    Will Harper final get the psuh he deserves? He’s such a great wrestler who should be permantly in the upper midcard. Defo needs a few IC title runs, maybe at some point even let him hold the big gold. Get him away from Bray after the Mania fallout, let him build his own persona, and he’ll be a really nice gem for SmackDown. Maybe have him feud with Rowan briefly depending on how the angle between Bray and Randy ends.