10 Times Bret Hart Put Someone On Blast Or Was Brutally Honest

1) Dean Malenko:

 Dean Malenko is highly regarded as an incredible technical wrestler. It appears as if ‘the man of 1000 holds’ got the brunt of Hart’s anger after the two wrestled during an 1998 episode of WCW Nitro. Enjoy the first of 10 stories featuring Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart putting people on blast.

Here is what Bret said about Malenko in his book, Hitman: My life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling:

“The next day I worked a Nitro match in Grand Rapids, Michigan, against pint-sized Dean Malenko, a second-generation wrestler who was a good, capable worker, although his style reminded me of Cirque de Soleil – it was a little too rehearsed” (Source: Hitman: My life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling).

Hart continued:

“When Malenko went for a standing suplex on me, I went up for him effortlessly in the air, straight as two dinner forks stuck together. Instead of taking me back for a simple back bump, Malenko decided to walk me the short distance to the corner, but he didn’t have the size or strength and dropped me full-weight, crouching me and tearing my groin. I don’t even know how I was able to bring myself to finish the match. I was in too much pain even to tell Dean how pissed off I was at him. Even worse, he dressed fast and left without acknowledging that he hurt me, or that has sorry. As well regarded as little Malenko was, I lost respect for him as a professional that day.” (Source: Hitman: My life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling).

This is only Bret’s recollection of the incident and we have never heard from Malenko about what happened on that day.

2) Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff

Bret Hart doesn’t have too many kind words for Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff (as you will see later on in this list). The context for this instance is when Hogan and Bischoff went to TNA. Hart was asked about the potential impact they could have for TNA and he didn’t hold back.

In an interview with Wrestle Talk TV, Hart rips Bischoff and Hogan, calling them both useless:

“I’ve got no faith in either one of them. If anything, they’re [TNA] going to lose a lot of ground. They’re spending a fortune on a guy who’s worthless. And Bischoff’s as worthless as Hogan, the two of them have zero to offer the business (Source: Wrestle Talk TV).

He continued the onslaught on Hogan, saying that he is going to offer veteran TNA guys nothing:

“The only thing Hulk Hogan ever knew was how to make Hulk Hogan. He couldn’t tell you how to make AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. What’s Hulk Hogan going to tell Samoa Joe? He doesn’t know anything to even tell him, he’s got zero to offer” (Source: Wrestle Talk TV).

Tell us how you really feel Bret. Don’t worry both Hogan and Bischoff have a section dedicated to them later on in the list in case you want to hear more of Bret’s bad blood with them.

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