12 WWE Stars That Have Defended Roman Reigns Against Critics

1) AJ Styles

AJ Styles has been in the ring with the very best professional wrestlers in the world. Styles and Roman Reigns locked up in two straight WWE PPV main events in early 2o16. They wrestled at both Payback and Extreme Rules for the WWE World Championship. He has defended Roman Reigns on numerous occasions.

In  an interview with Rolling Stone, Styles was asked if Roman Reigns was underrated in the ring.

Here is what AJ said:

“Absolutely. I think he’s a better athlete than a lot of people realize. He should get a lot more credit for his athleticism. He’s unbelievable, he can do a lot of stuff. I think he’s been able to showcase that with me. We’re doing something right” (Source: Rolling Stone).

Styles continued, saying fans haven’t given Roman a chance and have mostly booed him because it is the hip thing to do:

“I don’t think people gave Roman a chance; in fact. I think a lot of fans jumped on the bandwagon when someone started booing, instead of taking the chance to see what he could do in the ring” (Source: Rolling Stone).

Some high praise from one of the best wrestlers on the planet.

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