16 Things That We Learned From RAW (September 11, 2017)

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1) Back To Back RAW’s Kicked Off With Wrestling (Instead Of Promo Segments)

Last week on Monday Night RAW, we saw the show kick off with the match between Jason Jordan and John Cena. This week, the show opened with the match between Roman Reigns and Jason Jordan.

Two straight weeks where RAW has kicked off with matches instead of lengthy promo segments. I could get used to this!

2) Another Huge Match For Jason Jordan

Another week, another big time opponent for Jason Jordan on Monday Night RAW. This week he faced off against the ‘Big Dog’, Roman Reigns. Over the past few weeks, Jordan has wrestled Finn Balor, John Cena and Roman Reigns.

WWE is clearly looking to give Jordan some experience by putting him in the ring with some of the top dogs of WWE. Time will only tell if it pays off. Wondering who it will be next week?

3) Jason Jordan Earned The Respect Of Roman Reigns

The match between Jason Jordan and Roman Reigns was eventually won by Roman. This came after a lengthy match, where Reigns was eventually able to hit his patented spear.

After the match, Reigns extended his hand for a handshake with Jordan in a show of respect. It looks like Jordan has earned the respect of the Big Dog, even in defeat. I have to say, Jordan is growing on me.

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