5 Reasons Why Facing Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania Is A Good Thing For AJ Styles

One of the most controversial matches at Wrestlemania 33 is AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon. We have heard a lot of negative opinions from fans over the past several weeks about the match. Why is AJ facing someone who isn’t a wrestler? Why is WWE wasting AJ Styles? I thought I would put a positive spin on this match and let you know some reasons why a match against Shane McMahon is a good thing for AJ.

1) It Will (Likely) Give AJ A Big Wrestlemania Win

One thing that isn’t talked about often when thinking about this match is that it will likely give AJ Styles a big Wrestlemania win to his resume.

Let’s face it, Shane McMahon is not a full-time wrestler and does not need to win the match against Styles. AJ lost last year at Wrestlemania 32 to Chris Jericho meaning that he has yet to win on the ‘grandest stage of them all’ in his career.

A match against Shane means that AJ is likely picking up the win. Say what you want about Shane but having a Wrestlemania victory against a member of the McMahon family is a big deal.

The first positive of the match is that it will likely result in a win for AJ and a win at Wrestlemania is always a good thing.

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