Bruce Prichard Talks About CM Punk’s Backstage Heat in WWE

You might remember Bruce Prichard for his time as Brother Love on WWE television back in the late 1980’s/early 90’s. He also worked backstage of WWE for a number of years as a producer. On episode 22 of his podcast: ‘Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard’, he conducted a fan Q&A.

One of the questions that he was asked was about CM Punk. Prichard was still working with WWE during the first few years of Punk’s WWE career. He spoke about the backstage heat that Punk generated from some of the other wrestlers:

“Punk probably generated more heat backstage than he did in front of the camera, but for me, I always liked CM Punk because he had a genuine love for the business. He was a fan, he enjoyed the business, and he was different. And he didn’t take people’s s*** and I liked that. I like the fact that he stood up and was unique in his own way and for somebody to come into a business that was heavy on the reputation of drugs and partying and all this stuff and be a straight-edge guy and denounce drugs and partying, not just publicly, but backstage with the guys, that was taken as a negative when it should’ve been taken as a positive”

He continued, saying that once you get to know him he is a very interesting guy:

“He was different, so I liked him. I took the time to sit and talk to him and tried to get to know him, and once you actually had a conversation with him, you found out that he was a pretty interesting guy. And I think at the very beginning that he was just viewed as this antisocial, anti everything that this has been built on a**hole. And he could carry himself as an a**hole. He could be aloof. He could come off as very cocky and a know-it-all. But once you get passed all that, you find out that there’s something else behind it. And I personally like the guy. I think he’s a hell of a talent”

You can listen to the podcast here. h/t WrestlingInc for the transcript.

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  • TexasBuck

    Seems like CM Punk thought he was better than others because he didnt do drugs & drink.

    He should be in todays era.. They all want to play video games now lol.

    • Tiffany

      His whole ‘Straight Edge’ thing set my teeth on edge. I don’t drink or do drugs either, but I don’t make a big deal about it, it’s a choice I’ve made based on preference and family history. Punk always struck me as…ungrateful for the success he had in WWE. He came across as feeling entitled, like he thought he was doing WWE and the fans a favor by working there. He didn’t seem to understand or care that the fans were the reason he was so successful.