Curt Hennig – 8 WWE Stars Share Stories About How Special ‘Mr Perfect’ Was Inside And Out Of The Ring

“Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig is recognized by many as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time. He is also recognized as being one of the funniest guys in the history of the wrestling business. We have compiled some of the greatest Curt Hennig stories from some of his peers. This will display to you how special “Mr Perfect” was, inside and outside of the ring.

Ric Flair 

Ric Flair became good friends with Hennig throughout their careers. The two of them became travelling partners for a brief period of time and he has some great memories.

After Hennig’s passing in 2003, Flair spoke about Curt and how special he was:

“He just was an awesome guy and an awesome performer. He just always kept me smiling. He just was the kind of guy who if he was upset about something, you never saw it. We got along great and had great chemistry. He made me laugh as much as Arn Anderson did”

On travelling the world with Curt Hennig and having a great time:

“It was the best. When he and I were together — ask Vince — we had a lot of fun. We had a great time. We traveled around the world together. When you’ve got someone you can always have fun with, work is never work. When I was working with Curt, we had such a great time that it wasn’t work”

On his world-famous ribs [that you will see later in this article], Flair says that they were never done with malice:

“Curt ribbed a lot of guys, but he did it having fun. It was never malicious.”

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