Dean Ambrose Quiz – 10 Trivia Questions About The “Lunatic Fringe”

Dean Ambrose is one of the biggest stars in World Wrestling Entertainment today. Thank you for checking out our Dean Ambrose quiz! Answer these 10 trivia questions about the ‘Lunatic Fringe’ and prove to us that you are his biggest fan!

Difficulty – We are going to mark this one as difficult. Some specific questions that only hardcore Ambrose fans will know! Good luck!

1) What year was Dean Ambrose born?

  1. 1984
  2. 1985
  3. 1986
  4. 1987

The answer is 2) 1985. Dean was born on December 7th, 1985


2) What promotion did Dean Ambrose start his wrestling career with?

  1. Insanity Pro Wrestling (IPW)
  2. Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)
  3. Full Impact Pro (FIP)
  4. Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA)

The answer is 4) Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA). He made his debut in 2004.


3) Dean became WWE Champion for the first time in 2016. Who did he pin to win the title? 

  1. Roman Reigns
  2. Triple H
  3. Sheamus
  4. Seth Rollins

The answer is 4) Seth Rollins. Moments after Rollins won the title from Roman Reigns, Ambrose cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title.


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