Hint On What Kurt Angle’s Secret WON’T Be

The rumor mill has been heavy over the past few days as we lead up to RAW. Kurt Angle will be revealing his big secret this week, something that WWE has been building up for the past several weeks on RAW.

There have been multiple theories about what the secret could be. The secret has remained a mystery and the storyline has certainly garnered a lot of interest from fans.

We might have received a massive hint about what the secret will not be on Monday. WWE posted a video hosted by Cathy Kelley that dove into some fan theories about what Angle’s big secret might be. Cathy squashed a big theory going around about the secret being related to Chad Gable.

In case you are unfamiliar, one of the biggest fan theories is that Gable would be revealed as Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son. Here is what Cathy said in the video:

“We are pretty sure Kurt Angle isn’t Chad Gable’s dad”

You can watch the video here:

Looks like we can scratch that one off our lists.

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