Jeff Hardy Dream Matches – Top 5 That We Want To See Happen

On the April 17th, 2017 episode of Monday Night RAW, Jeff Hardy wrestled Cesaro in what WWE hyped as a dream match. This instantly had us thinking, what would be some other fantastic Jeff Hardy dream matches in WWE? Here is our top 5 list. Note: This list is based upon Jeff as a singles competitor and not teaming with Matt. 

5) Jeff Hardy vs Kevin Owens

We initially had AJ Styles on our list but realized that they have faced off before in TNA, so we chose to remove it.

I think that Jeff Hardy vs Kevin Owens would be an awesome match and certainly fits in my description of what a dream match should be.

The match would work from the traditional standpoint of a heel (Owens) vs the babyface (Jeff). There is no doubt in my mind that Owens would be able to build up a feud with Jeff on the microphone. Jeff is not going to get booed by the WWE Universe and Owens could play the role of villain perfectly.

In the ring, I think it could be exceptional. Jeff isn’t know for his technical ability but always entertains the crowd. Owens is a fantastic wrestler in his own right, with a ton of moves in his arsenal. I would bet that Jeff would be willing to take even some of his more dangerous ones (google yourself top moves of Kevin Steen if you want a preview).

I think it would be a great match and one that I want to see before Jeff hangs up the boots.

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