Kurt Angle Shares His Thoughts On CM Punk Returning To WWE, The Miz

Kurt Angle recently conducted a q&a over on his official Facebook page. Fans asked the RAW General Manager a wide variety of topics about his career and the wrestling business today.

One of the questions that was asked was his thoughts on CM Punk returning to WWE one day. He also spoke about the Miz, the Undertaker and more.

Here is what he said about Punk:

“I hope he comes back. I think his MMA career is over. He needs to go back to what he does best!”

He was also asked for his opinion on the Miz:

“He’s the best right now. Funny, entertaining, and annoying…LOL. He has come a long way. Very proud of him.”

On if he thinks the Undertaker will wrestle again:

“Me personally? Yes. I’d love to see Taker return. Angle vs Taker one more time. ?”

His pick for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

“Mayweather. If it were MMA, then Mcgregor – choke out in 30 seconds. But…it’s boxing”

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