Paige’s Parents Post Worrisome Update After Recent Scandal

As many fans know, Paige was the victim of an online hack where multiple explicit photos and videos were leaked online. Paige confirmed the hack on Twitter saying that these photos and videos were shared without her permission.

It has been a tough time for Paige and her family. The photos and videos have been circulating online with some (deranged) fans even tweeting them at her parents and siblings.

Paige’s Mom and Dad posted a worrisome update on Facebook, letting people know that Paige is really suffering from all of this (as you can imagine).

From her Dad:

From her Mom:


A very sad situation indeed. Regardless of what you think about the situation, Paige is a human being and this must be an awful situation for her to deal with. Hopefully the person responsible is caught and Paige is able to move on with her life. Sending our thoughts out to Paige and her family during this time.

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