Possible Reason Why Paige Didn’t Appear On RAW

Rumors were circulating that Paige would be returning to RAW this week for the first time in over a year. Paige was spotted heading into the RAW arena and reports confirmed that she was backstage for the show. RAW took place and a lot of fans were disappointed with her not appearing.

So why didn’t Paige appear?

Both Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio and Mike Johnson of PWInsider say that Paige was penciled in at one point to return and be the fifth member of Team RAW instead of Bayley. The plan changed and she didn’t appear on the show at all, even though she was confirmed to be backstage.

A possible reason why it didn’t happen was Paige’s instagram post before RAW. Paige posted a photo of her with Alicia Fox, which was a tease that she was returning. Meltzer indicates that Paige’s return was planned to be this big surprise. Johnson says “one talent pointed out to me that Paige posting on Instagram she was back on the road for the company was probably the worst idea she could have had if she was trying to stay under the radar and just get back to work”. 

It isn’t confirmed that this is the official reason from WWE but could be a clue as to why she wasn’t used on the show.

Here was the post in question:

This crazy girl. @thefoxxyone 😍 #Captain

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