10 Incredible Ric Flair Stories About His Legendary Partying And Lifestyle Outside Of The Ring

Ric Flair is one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. He is also known as one of the biggest party animals in the history of the wrestling business. Here are 10 wild Ric Flair stories that prove he lived his gimmick outside of the ring.

1) What It Means To Ride With The ‘Nature Boy’

Wrestlers are on their own to travel to and from shows. As a result, they usually pair up with one another to cut costs or to have some company on the long trips. Travelling with Ric Flair was no walk in the park, as legendary commentator Jim Ross will tell you.

Jim Ross in an interview with the Big Lead, spoke about the unwritten agreement when you agree to ride with Ric Flair. The limousine ridin’ and jet flyin’ comes at a price: long nights of alcohol consumption with the Nature Boy!

“Being on the road with Flair was like a never-ending party. He had two great passions: in-ring wrestling and his social life. He was always the life of the party, so if you traveled with him on the road you kind of agreed to those terms”

Ross continued:

“If you’re gonna ride in a limo and fly first class, like he’d facilitate in one way or another, you were essentially signing up for very late hours and ample alcohol consumption”

Sounds like an interesting trade-off. This is only setting the stage for some great stories of the Nature Boy’s antics outside of the ring.

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