14 Rare Roman Reigns Photos

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Roman Reigns is one of the biggest stars in the wrestling business right now. Here are some rare Roman Reigns photos that you may have never seen before.

1) Roman & Hulk Hogan

Roman Reigns’ father is Sika Anoa’i who wrestled around the world in the 1970’s and 1980’s. As a result, Reigns grew up around the wrestling business.

Here is a photo of a young Roman and Hulk Hogan:

2) Roman & The Usos In High School

As you likely already know, Roman and the Usos grew up together. Here is a great photo of a young Roman and the Usos during their early football days.


3) Roman & The Usos Sign Their National Letters of Intent

After a dominant Football season in High School, Roman would end up receiving a number of scholarship offers to play in the NCAA. Reigns ended up signing with division 1’s Georgia Tech. The Usos signed with West Alabama of Division 2.

Here is a photo of all 3 of them signing their National Letters of Intent:


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