Some More Details On The Rumors Of Neville Potentially Leaving WWE

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The biggest buzz in the wrestling world at the moment has to do with Neville. Rumors surfaced on Tuesday that Neville might have asked for his release from WWE. This came seemingly out of nowhere after he had such a dominant run as Cruiserweight Champion over the past year.

Nothing is confirmed yet but we have some more details on the rumors going around.

According to a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Neville left RAW angry this week. As noted prior, original plans were for Neville to face Enzo in the lumberjack match on RAW but it was later changed to Kalisto. It appears as if these plans were changed after Neville walked out.

According to Sapp, WWE officials tried to reach out to Neville to talk things out but weren’t able to accomplish much. The company was apparently hoping Neville would show up on Tuesday to talk about things but it is unclear at the moment if Neville showed.

Sapp says that according to a source, WWE doesn’t want to cut ties with Neville if possible.

According to Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Forum, WWE is denying that Neville asked for his release.

We will likely know more soon and will be sure to update you when more information is available.

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  • Ryan

    wwe is falling apart whether people wanna admit it or not. it doesnt mean theres gonna be a decline, im just saying, the past couple of years have seen several workers leave or just not care and “fans” leaving left and right.