Speculation On Jason Jordan Now That He’s Been Taken Off Team RAW

Jason Jordan suffered a knee injury on Monday Night RAW this week in his match against Bray Wyatt. As a result, he was taken off Team RAW at Survivor Series. Triple H returned and announced that he was taking Jordan’s spot, hitting him with a pedigree for good measure.

Now that Jordan is out of Survivor Series, let’s speculate on Jason Jordan and his potential role at the event.

The first thing to note was Jordan’s crowd response on RAW. Fans chanted: “Thank You Wyatt” as Jordan walked away with an injury. That is a telling sign on how the Jason Jordan-Kurt Angle storyline has been received by fans so far. How do you fix that? The easy option would be to turn Jordan heel.

Jordan could cost Kurt and Team RAW the match on Sunday out of frustration of being taken off the team. This would officially turn Jordan heel and would set up a future match between Kurt and Jordan.

If WWE DOESN’T turn Jordan heel, they could always have him interrupt the elimination match. Jordan attacks Triple H in response to getting pedigreed on RAW. This would cost Team RAW the match and maybe even Kurt Angle his job as general manager. This would set up future Jordan vs Triple H and Jordan vs Kurt Angle matches.

After the storyline from RAW, I think Jordan is going to play a role in this match somehow. What do you guys think?

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