Stephanie McMahon Talks About WWE Listening To Their Fans

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Stephanie McMahon recently spoke at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. One of things that she spoke about was WWE listening to their fans and it being a key reason for the company’s success.

Here are some of the highlights of what she said during the Summit:

“Our audience tells us what they love, what they don’t like, and—worst—what they don’t care about,”

Stephanie says that they do pivot on the fly and it is an advantage for the company that their shows are live. This is because they can get feedback from the audience in real-time. She also says that WWE plans their storylines in advance but things happen: Injuries can occur or fans don’t relate to a certain character that they think will be a hit. She says that the ability to twist or shift gears is key for them.

She also says in NXT, fans have the biggest say in who gets called up to the main roster:

“Our audience is actually determining who makes it to the next level—and they know it,”

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  • Just Sayin

    Glad that this may be the case, but I still think sometimes they yank some too soon, don’t give full creative effort to some so they can develop and grow, or give the wrong kind or too much effort to others because of the desire to be proven right in their choices. I also think that to a degree creative & superstars need to communicate to make really good storylines & shows. Management sometimes gets too boggled down in marketing strategies or appealing to the casual fan who may come and go quickly when it’s the longstanding fan who incorporates family and friends into the fanbase that truly represents the company’s bread and butter. That’s a dangerous game creatively and financially. Also, with tech and fanbases diversifying, growing and changing, WWE needs to do that, too. It seems as if they are afraid to try or unwilling to learn at times, and that makes for stagnation and failure if they are not careful. World Wrestling Entertainment has to live up to its name by not just diversifying its methods of entertainment, but also by being willing to grow and develop in each, especially its pro-wrestling foundation. Sheez, getting off the soap box. Some have NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, but I’m WWE for life, so I care.