8 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Vince McMahon Death Storyline From 2007

On the June 11th, 2007 episode of Monday Night RAW, Vince McMahon entered his limousine outside of the arena before it exploded. This will forever be known as the Vince McMahon death storyline where the Mr. McMahon character was supposed to be killed off.

The angle was immediately scrapped after the double-murder suicide of Chris Benoit and his family. Vince McMahon appeared inside of an empty arena on the June 25th episode of RAW to let everybody know that his own death was only a storyline.

So what would have happened if the angle would have come to fruition? What was it like backstage during the angle? Here are some behind-the-scenes stories on the infamous Vince McMahon death storyline.

Fans Were Fooled

When looking back at the year 2007, it is hard to imagine that fans around the world would fall for something like this. This is because… well, the internet existed and it is difficult to get one over on the internet.

According to a 2007 article from CNBC, the WWE audience fell for it, and fell for it big time:

“The total page views for June 12, the day after McMahon’s “death” were 36.8 million with two million daily unique visitors. Now compare that to the WWE.com three month average of 14.3 million page views and one million unique visitors. Over the past week, there has been so much written about whether McMahon is dead or alive on wrestling message boards, that if you go to Google , you get 27,700 hits when you type in “Vince McMahon Dead.” That prevents most people from finding out the real story”

Some fans obviously knew better but there is no question that the storyline got people talking. It certainly confused a number of fans and drew interest to the product.

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