10 Fascinating Stories About Vince McMahon’s Childhood And Life Before Wrestling

Vince McMahon has had an incredible influence on the wrestling business. Fans know him by the character that he has played on television for decades. What you might not know is that he had a very tough upbringing. Here are 10 fascinating stories about Vince McMahon’s childhood and life prior to the wrestling business.

1) He Grew Up Very Poor

WWE fans know Vince McMahon as the egocentric maniac that will spend any amount of money to solve his problems. What you might not know is that Vince McMahon’s childhood was not one full of money.

Vince wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he lived in a trailer park for a lot of his younger years. Here is a quote from Vince himself in a 2016 interview with Muscle & Fitness:

“I grew up dirt poor. When you’re in that class, a lower economic class, everyone is, quote, “above you.” And there were a number of individuals who thought they were above me because of their economic situation. It always bugged me that people would think they were better than me.

Vince also says that growing up poor allowed him a unique perspective on life. He doesn’t think that he is better than anybody, even though he has a ton of money now:

“I developed a philosophy that no one’s better than me, and at the same time I’m no better than anyone else”

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