Wrestlemania 40 – 10 Things That Will Happen In WWE Before The Event

We decided to take a look at the long-term future of the WWE. With Wrestlemania 40 still being several years away, we thought that we would list some things that we think will happen before the event takes place. We will look back at this list in a few years and see if all of it came true! Here is what we think will have happened in WWE before Wrestlemania 40.

1) Tyler Bate And (Or) Pete Dunne Will Become WWE World Champions

Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne both made names for themselves during the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament.

They both impressed WWE fans throughout the tournament, for two different reasons. Dunne was the great heel that fans loved to hate. Bate was the fan favorite who won everybody’s hearts.

They faced off against one another in the finals and put on a great match.  It really showed their potential, considering that they are both so young (Dunne born in 1993, Bate in 1997).

We predict that one of them (if not both) will be World Champion in WWE before Wrestlemania 40. This is probably a bold claim but I think that they both have incredible potential.

Triple H is rumored to be VERY high on both and it wouldn’t surprise me if they groom either of them for the top. Expect to see them have success in NXT first and then eventually on the main roster.

This won’t happen until years down the road, but I think it really has a chance to come true.Both will be under 30 years old when Wrestlemania 40 takes place, which lets you really see the potential that they have.

Time Frame Prediction – 2023. 

2) The UK Will Host A Pay-Per-View!

It Is TIME! Give the United Kingdom a big time pay-per-view event (and I am not even from the UK).

I am not talking about Wrestlemania. I understand from a business perspective, it doesn’t really make sense to make the show earlier. WWE wants the biggest show of the year to be played in peak hours. It makes sense and I don’t think the UK will ever get to host Wrestlemania because of that.

I do think that the company needs to give the UK a big-time PPV event. The shows are always some of the most entertaining to watch because of the crowd reaction. If you are from outside of the UK, it is hard to deny that they are one of the best crowds for a WWE event.

Summerslam at Wembley Stadium in 1992 was fantastic and a great atmosphere. Why not bring the event back?

If not one of the big ones, why not give them a yearly PPV event? If they don’t want to give them Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble, give them a yearly PPV.

Typically, the PPV after Wrestlemania is always the least exciting of the year. I would suggest bringing it to the UK to try and raise the stakes a little bit. Surely one time a year we (North American fans) could do an earlier PPV?

I think that a Pay-Per-View will eventually happen in the UK. It is only a matter of time.

Time Frame Prediction – On the early end, I would say before 2020 it will happen. 

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