WWE Myths And Conspiracy Theories – 5 Of The Craziest That Some Fans Believe

Conspiracy Theory – Hulk Hogan’s Black Eye

One of the biggest rumors in wrestling over the years has to do with Hulk Hogan and his mysterious black eye at Wrestlemania IX.

WWE explained on camera that Ted DiBiase hired a group of thugs to weaken Hogan before the event. Hogan has said that the black eye came from a jet ski incident prior to the event.

A popular theory on the internet is that ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage gave Hulk the black eye. This came from Hogan’s friendship with Macho’s ex- Miss Elizabeth. We don’t know if that is true or not, but we do know that Hogan and Savage had a rocky relationship.

Why some people do think it is true:

  • Real life tension between Hogan and Savage.
  • Hogan has a bit of a reputation for telling some fabricated stories in the past.

Matt Borne (the original Doink the Clown) claims that Savage gave Hulk the black eye in an interview with ‘Inside the Ropes’:

“Randy Savage gave it to him. I’d bet my left nut and my son’s life on it. Hogan showed his true colours, that’s why he got the black eye. Randy Savage was a man. Hulk Hogan has never been a man. Hulk Hogan’s a big ass p—y. I don’t care if you call and tell him I said that. His ex Elizabeth was seeing this small time producer, who happened to be a friend of Hogan. Elizabeth was hiding in the back room when Savage went to see Hogan and he found out about it. Friends don’t do friend like that. Who can you say is Hulk Hogan’s friend? The only people that can say their Hulk Hogan’s friends are the people who are riding his coat tails and trying to make a living off of him like Brian Knobbs or some fat f–k like that. Hogan was supposed to be Savage’s friend and he threw him under a bus and he got a black eye for it.”

Doink notoriously hated Hogan so it is hard to take his word too seriously.

Hogan getting punched in the face is a lot better of a story than him getting in a jet ski accident.  Unfortunately, Macho Man passed away and we will never get to hear his side of the story.

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