5 WWE Myths And Conspiracy Theories That Some Fans Believe

Conspiracy Theory – The Montreal Screwjob Was A Work

Probably the most famous conspiracy theory that exists in WWE history is that the Montreal Screwjob was a work. That means that Bret Hart was in on it alongside Vince McMahon.

A number of people in the wrestling business think that it could be a work. This includes Shawn Michaels’ friends: Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash.

The reason’s why people think it could be a work:

  • The evil Vince McMahon character was created. The WWE exploded in popularity after and Vince became one of the biggest heels of all-time.
  • Bret Hart was rumored to be paid $2.5 million from WCW (per year). Bret clearly cashed in on leaving WWE.
  • There was non-WWE cameras backstage (Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows) that were coincidentally filming Bret backstage.
  • Vince’s black eye didn’t look convincing after Bret allegedly punched him backstage.
  • Bret should have found it suspicious that Vince was ringside for the match.
  • WWE and Bret have made a ton of money off books, documentaries etc. on the incident.

These are some reasons why some fans believe it is a work. You can check out multiple videos on Youtube about the incident if you are interested. Tons of former stars give their take.

If it was, Bret Hart is the greatest actor of all-time for his multiple interviews and appearances speaking about the incident. We think that this conspiracy theory is incorrect but certainly fun to think about.

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