Our Speculation On John Cena’s Future With WWE

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John Cena will be facing off against Roman Reigns at the No Mercy Pay-Per-View. This came as a surprise because many people pegged this as a match that is Wrestlemania worthy. WWE is even billing the match at No Mercy as being a ‘Wrestlemania caliber main event’.

Edge brought something up about Cena and Reigns on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness that got me thinking. He said “Why No Mercy? Why? There has to be something going on there”. Let’s dive into the topic of Cena’s future.

WWE is currently burning up Pay-Per-View quality matches involvingĀ Cena. The first was the match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Cena several weeks ago on Smackdown Live. A lot of fans pegged this as a ‘dream match’ when Nakamura came to WWE. No doubt in my mind that it could have been saved for a Pay-Per-View. Also, WWE did Jinder Mahal and Cena on Smackdown Live a few weeks ago. I am not saying this is a dream match or anything but you can’t tell me Jinder vs Cena for the WWE Title couldn’t have been used on a Smackdown exclusive Pay-Per-View.

It was also rumored that WWE was planning to do Samoa Joe vs Cena on RAW a few weeks ago but an injury to Samoa Joe nixed those plans. There is no question that WWE could use this match as a featured program for a Pay-Per-View. Cena and Joe have a long history with one another since they started their careers together in UPW. Instead, WWE was planning to do this match on RAW (and with no promotion beforehand). Lastly, John Cena faced off against Braun Strowman, a match that had no advertising or build. Cena vs Strowman could also be a Pay-Per-View match (in my opinion at least).

So what the heck is going on. Could Cena be close to leaving WWE for Hollywood sooner than we might think?

He just landedĀ a big role in the new Transformers spin-off: Bumblebee. He is also rumored to be a finalist for the role of the superhero: Shazam in the DC Extended Universe. There has been speculation for years about Cena leaving, but this seems like the most serious, especially if he gets the role as Shazam. Could this be potentially why WWE is burning through so many Cena matches over the past few months? Does Cena have one foot out the door?

Cena has been adamant that WWE is his home but I can’t think of another reason as to why WWE would be doing all of these matches right now. Why not keep them (or some) in their back pocket for later if Cena is going to keep jumping back and forth over the next few years. Like Edge suggested, something has to be going on there. I think we might be seeing a lot less of John over the next year, but maybe that is only me.

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