WWE Rumors: How Vince McMahon Feels About ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy

‘Woken’ Matt Hardy made his debut on Monday Night RAW this week in a video segment with Bray Wyatt. The reaction to the character has been strong so far from WWE fans, with the Youtube video of the segment having 1.4 million views (as of writing this). It is clear that Matt and the gimmick are off to a strong start.

The question that a lot of fans have is if the character will work in WWE because everything has to go through Vince McMahon. Fans assumed that Matt wouldn’t have the same creative freedom that he did when he was with Impact Wrestling.

So what is Vince’s rumored reaction to the gimmick?

According to a report from Sports Illustrated, Vince McMahon is a “significant proponent of the “Woken” character in WWE”. 

The report claims that according to a source, Matt will be given creative freedom by Vince McMahon with the character. Vince sees the opportunity to cash in on the already established character that Matt has built. The report also mentions that Vince trusts Matt, stemming from their two-decade long relationship.

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If this is true, this is fantastic news for Matt and WWE fans. The character received an awesome ovation on Monday and we have to assume that there is a lot of potential for merchandise sales.

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