WWE Rumors: Why WWE Paired Enzo & Nia Together

One of the big stories coming out of Monday Night RAW this week was the new storyline between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax. Enzo turned around during a backstage segment to find Nia staring at him. Nia winked at him and said: “How You Doin?”. 

So why did WWE decide to pair Enzo and Nia together? Let’s take a look at some rumors.

Dave Meltzer and his co-host Bryan Alvarez discussed the topic on Wrestling Observer Radio (subscribe here). Alvarez speculated that Nia will now be on 205 Live alongside Enzo during this storyline. This would be similar to when Alicia Fox was involved in the romance angle with Noam Dar.

Meltzer says that the reason for WWE pairing Nia and Enzo is to give Nia something to do as WWE pushes all of the new call-ups in the Women’s division:

“Since they’re putting all the stuff with the new women, building them up obviously for Alexa Bliss, it’s kind of taken Nia out of that main mix. So this is their idea of what to do with her,”

Not mentioned by Meltzer here but WWE recently put out a survey asking fans why they don’t watch 205 Live. One of the questions asked was about the interaction between RAW & Smackdown stars with the Cruiserweight division. Maybe this is an example of WWE working to integrate the brands more?

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Here is how speculation on the Nia-Enzo situation.