WWE Stars With The Shortest Time Spent In A Single Royal Rumble Match (aka The Quickest Eliminations)

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There have been some incredible individual performances in the history of the Royal Rumble match. There has also been some not-so-great performances. Here is a list of WWE stars with the shortest time spent in a single Royal Rumble match.

Here are the WWE stars with the shortest time spent in a single Royal Rumble match:

Tied for 5) Buschwacker Luke (1991), Jerry Lawler (1997), Titus O’Neil (2015) – Time Spent: 4 seconds

  • Buschwacker Luke marched into the Rumble in 1991 and was immediately tossed out. He didn’t break stride as he continued to march after landing on his feet.
  • Commentator Jerry Lawler entered the ring in 1997 only to be immediately tossed out by Bret Hart. He went right back on commentary after.
  • Titus O’Neil was immediately eliminated from the 2015 Rumble match. It might have been quicker but Reigns and Ambrose couldn’t get him over the rope in time.

Tied for 3) Owen Hart (1995), Mo (1995) – Time Spent: 3 seconds.

  • Owen Hart and Mo both were eliminated in 3 seconds in the 1995 Royal Rumble match. Hart was eliminated by the British Bulldog, Mo was eliminated by King Kong Bundy.

2) The Warlord (1989) – Time Spent: 2 seconds.

  • The Warlord was eliminated in 2 seconds by Hulk Hogan in the 1989 Royal Rumble match. A record that would stand for 2 decades.

1) Santino Marella (2009) – Time Spent: 1 second.

  • Santino entered the Rumble in the 28th spot. He was quickly eliminated by Kane, breaking the record held by the Warlord. He famously proclaimed: “I wasn’t ready”.

Thanks for reading! Some of the WORST performances in history!

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