10 Wrestlemania Facts That You Might Not Know

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1)  Big Boss Man Has and Impressive WrestleMania record.

                                       Better Than You Would Expect (Wrestlemania Facts)

I thought I would start off this list by giving some props to recently announced WWE Hall of Famer, Big Boss Man. The Boss Man had a 5-1 record at WrestleMania, despite never being a main event guy.

At WrestleMania V, Big Boss Man teamed up with Akeem to form the Twin Towers and defeat the Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty).

At WrestleMania VI, Big Boss Man defeated his old Tag Team Partner Akeem in less than 2 minutes.

At WrestleMania VII, Big Boss Man defeated Mr. Perfect by Disqualification for the Intercontinental Championship (Still counts as a win even if he didn’t get the title).

At WrestleMania VIII, Big Boss Man, Virgil, Sgt. Slaughter and Jim Duggan defeated The Nasty Boys, Repo Man and The Mountie.

Big Boss Man suffered his first and only loss at WrestleMania XV to the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match, no shame in that.

At WrestleMania 2000, Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan defeated The Godfather and D’Lo Brown.

Pretty solid record for a midcard guy!

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