7 WWE Stars That Have Defended Seth Rollins Against The Claims That He Is Dangerous

As you likely have heard by now, there have been many comments about Seth Rollins being considered a ‘dangerous’ or ‘unsafe’ wrestler. This stemmed from comments from Bret Hart, who initially criticized Rollins for breaking John Cena’s nose and ended the career of Sting. Rollins was also involved in the injury to Finn Balor at Summerslam 2016 where he tore his labrum. Below is a list of 7 current and former WWE stars that have defended Seth Rollins and the claims that he is a dangerous worker.

1) Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes is a member of the legendary tag team: The Fabulous Freebirds. Hayes also currently works backstage of WWE, so he is able to give some insight into how the current roster feels about Seth and the claims that he is dangerous.

Hayes says that there is no one on the roster that doesn’t want to work with Seth Rollins. He also denies the claim that any of the injuries at the hands of Rollins was his fault.

Here is what he said about the current roster:

“You can’t find anybody in the locker room that does not want to work with Seth Rollins. Nobody!” (Source: The Ric Flair Show).

On the injuries to Sting, Cena and Balor:

“Ask John Cena what happened with the nose thing. John will tell you, ‘it was my fault’. Sting had this perennial neck problem from years of wrestling. And then, the thing with Finn Bálor, Finn, you know, is supposed to take that thing on your shoulders, on your back. He put his arm back there to brace and there it went” (Source: The Ric Flair Show).

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