Breezango Shares The Story Of How The ‘Fashion Files’ Made It On Smackdown Live

Tyler Breeze and Fandango formed the tag team: Breezango in 2016. Over the past several months, they have become the ‘Fashion Police’ and have skyrocketed in popularity due to their ‘Fashion Files’ segments on Smackdown Live. How did this all come about? It is actually a great story.

Breezango were recently guests on the ‘Talk is Jericho’ podcast where they were asked about the origins of the ‘Fashion Police’. When Fandango was injured in 2016, Tyler Breeze decided to be proactive and came up with a bunch of ideas for them.

Instead of being upset that they were not being used on TV, they started to use the resources available to them and started to cut a bunch of promos and test out ideas on camera. Eventually, it led to them becoming cops. Here is some of what Breeze and Dango said during the podcast (h/t to Cageside Seats):

“Fandango: So instead of sitting around being bitter… dude, there’s these cameras and Breeze and I get together and we just start shooting promos because what do we got to lose? And it was fun and we’re doing on the fly promos about being sexy cops, remember that?

“Tyler Breeze: We came up with like ‘Saturday Night Live’ skits. Like ‘hey, let’s not even worry about wrestling.’ It was when Dango was out, okay, I’m looking for Dango. Well, obviously if I’m looking for him I’m gonna be a cop, I’m a detective figuring out what’s happening. So I’m looking for him and then he’s back the next week. So then all of a sudden I’m looking for him, I’m desperate for him, and he just goes ‘hey, man, I been around.’ And I go ‘oh, thank god you’re okay!’ Now all of a sudden I’m in the dumps, I need to be cheered up. Who’s there? All of a sudden the curtains open and Dango’s found his own cop outfit. And now all of a sudden I go ‘I’m getting mine dude, I’m gonna go get mine!’ So now just kind of keep rolling”

They also mention that eventually people backstage saw their promos and were entertained by it. They kept asking why WWE wouldn’t use it on Smackdown. Eventually the writers liked it enough to start using it on TV and the rest is history. The ‘Fashion Files’ have been a hit and Breezango have gotten themselves a ton of television time.

A pretty cool story about hard-work.

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