8 Of The Craziest Incidents That Led To WWE Stars Getting Fired From The Company

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There have been some very interesting stories involving WWE stars and them getting fired by the company. We thought that we would put together some of the most interesting.


Fired For: Shoplifting (But Was Immediately Re-Hired)

This one kicks us off because Emma was actually immediately re-hired by the company about an hour later. This came after an incident that happened on July 2nd, 2014. TMZ reported that Emma was arrested for shoplifting an Ipad case that was worth just over $20.

Emma’s lawyer said that she made a mistake with the self checkout machine at the store.

WWE posted on their website that they cut ties with her after the incident:

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Diva Emma as of today, July 2, 2014. WWE wishes Emma the best in all her future endeavors”

A little over an hour later, WWE posted:

“Upon further evaluation, WWE has reinstated Tenille Dashwood (WWE Diva Emma) but will take appropriate punitive action for her violation of the law”

Emma only had to do one day of community service for the incident. Certainly a weird situation but glad it didn’t end her WWE career.

Brad Maddox

Fired For: Calling The Crowd ‘Pricks’

Brad Maddox worked for WWE from 2008 until 2015. He wrestled for their developmental system. He was also a referee and the RAW General Manager for the company.

In 2015, WWE announced that he had been fired. So what happened?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Maddox revealed that calling the crowd ‘pricks’ during a dark match got him fired:

“I had a dark match in Indianapolis and I called the Indianapolis crowd “pricks.” I didn’t think anything of it. That’s never been a bad word to me. I didn’t think it was inappropriate. Vince [McMahon] was watching and did not like it. That was pretty much the reason”

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