Former WWE Stars Comment On The Miz’s Backstage Heat When He First Came Into WWE

Former WWE stars Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Daivari were recently interviewed by the Wrestling Inc podcast to promote their wrestling school: ‘The Academy’. During the interview, they shared some insight into the Miz’s backstage heat when he first came into WWE.

You have probably heard the story by now of the Miz getting kicked out of the WWE locker room by Chris Benoit for eating chicken over a referees bag. The Miz clearly was able to overcome this heat since he has lasted in WWE for over a decade.

Mr. Kennedy gave some insight into the heat that the Miz had when he first came into WWE:

“When we were there, The Miz had so much heat, and it was for the fact that he wasn’t involved in wrestling. He didn’t come up and work independents or territories and then he gets handed this thing. Plus, he wasn’t hard to get along with, but his personality wasn’t that big, he was just shy and quiet in the back. And then everything anybody would do to him he would sell it, so he just got tons and tons of heat. But here we are, 10 years later, he’s done alright for himself.”

DaivariĀ gave his thoughts, saying that he never saw the Miz do anything to warrant any heat:

“He was a guy like Muhammad where I understood why people were upset with him, but I never really saw him do anything that would warrant that,”

Mr. Kennedy also said that the Miz was an easy target for backstage ribs:

“[The Miz] was an easy target because he took it on the chin, didn’t really fight back. Not that you should fight back all the time, but sometimes you should.”

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