WWE Ribs – 10 Of The Funniest Practical Jokes That WWE Stars Have Played On Each Other

1) Owen Hart Ribs Jeff Jarrett And Their Driver

Val Venis tells the story in an interview about the time that Owen Hart ribbed Jeff Jarrett and their driver. Owen Hart is known as being one of the biggest practical jokers of all time, messing with everyone.

Here is how the story goes from Val Venis:

“There was one time when we watched Owen, he had a driver and he was in the passenger seat and Jeff Jarrett was in the backseat behind Owen. And as they are going up the ramp to drive out from the bottom of the arena, all you hear on the top of the roof of the car is ‘whack!’ And Owen looks over to the driver, he says ‘that guy up there just threw a rock down on your car”

He continued the story:

“So, the guy stops the car on the ramp, gets out of the car, runs up the ramp, runs around the rail and charges at the guy Owen pointed at. Well, a cop steps out in front of the driver and says ‘whoa, this guy didn’t throw any rock, the guy with the blonde hair in the car hit the roof of your car with his hand. And when the driver looks over the rail to look at Owen, Owen turns around and says ‘Jeff, why did you hit the top of the car?’ and put all the heat on Jeff”

Source: Inquisitr

That is just a warm-up and not the only time the legendary Owen Hart appears on this list!

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