6 Former WWE Stars That HATE John Cena

John Cena has been on top of WWE for over a decade. Like in many other professions, to get to the top, you might have to make some enemies along the way. It is clear throughout this list that Cena has made a number of enemies. Here is a list of former WWE stars that HATE John Cena.

Wade Barrett

Many fans are in agreement that the Nexus should have had a much better fate. One of the groups biggest rivals was John Cena and he gets a lot of blame for the burial of the group.

Wade Barrett was interviewed back in 2014 by DNAIndia. During the interview, Barrett didn’t hold back his dislike for Cena:

“He has been the face for ten years, and he’s really good at what he does. But everyone knows that I don’t like John Cena, and he doesn’t like me either. You’re right, he does get booed by a lot of fans, lot of people don’t like him. But he sells a lot more t-shirts and other merchandise than anyone else. So there are a lot of people out there who like him too. Either way everyone has an opinion about him, I respect that. Personally I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me, we are not friends”

It is clear that there is some animosity between Cena and Barrett over the Nexus angle and things that happened.

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