Backstage Update On Neville’s Future & What Reportedly Caused Him To Walk Out

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The big story in WWE at the moment is the status of Neville. This comes after a lot of rumors have been circulating that he asked for his release from WWE.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribe here), we have some more details about what is going on with Neville.

There were earlier reports that said Neville walked out prior to RAW. Meltzer corroborates this story, saying that Neville walked out after finding out that he would be losing to Enzo Amore in a non-title match. Vince McMahon ended up changing plans to Kalisto winning the title because they couldn’t think of a better idea at the last-minute.

Meltzer says that the current belief within the company is that Neville is gone. He says a source close to the situation has told him that he thinks Neville is 100% leaving the company.

It is also worth noting that a previous report suggested WWE was hoping Neville would show up for Smackdown on October 10th to talk things out. Meltzer says that he didn’t appear.

WWE is also denying that Neville has quit or is leaving the company.

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  • Joe Tompsett

    Neville IS good, but you can’t act that way in the industry. You have to lose sometimes. And Neville doesn’t do a lot of losing. He’s had an absolutely great run with the title, now it’s time to move aside and see if the division can float without him holding it up.

  • Matthew Banister

    Yeah but you can’t blame him for not wanting to job do a shit like enzo