Original Plans Revealed For Kane To Have Another Brother

Former WWE superstar Matt Morgan was recently a guest on the Wrestling INC podcast. During the podcast he revealed that there were some plans in place for him to play the role as another brother to Kane on WWE television.

WWE officials started telling him to wear a mask to improve his character when he was in WWE’s developmental territory: Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). This was confusing to him because he was the top babyface character at the time:

“They put a mask on me, first they said because it was going to improve my body language. What? Anyways, you shut up and do what you’re told. So I went to wrestling practice with a hood and a mask, and then I’d be on TV with a mask. So Jim Cornette was like, ‘How the hell do I explain this? You’re the top babyface, you’re the champion, what do I do?’ So I lost a Loser Leaves Town match, come back as The Blueprint and wear a hood and I’m not Matt Morgan anymore, I’m just The Blueprint.”

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What Morgan didn’t know was that WWE was grooming him for a storyline with Kane:

“The cool part was they were going to turn this into, I was gonna be Kane’s brother Abel. And I would’ve killed for that! I would’ve worn a hood gladly for that just because I’m a huge ‘Taker and Kane fan. What leads to Kane leads to ‘Taker, right? Nine-year-old Matt Morgan inside was going bananas.”

According to Morgan, the idea was eventually scrapped by Vince McMahon:

“Vince stepped in and came up with stuttering Matt Morgan,”

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