14 Rare Dean Ambrose Photos

We recently did an article on some rare photos of Roman Reigns and it was a big hit. The second most requested WWE star was Dean Ambrose, so we decided that it was his turn. Dean certainly had a wild career before becoming the star that he is today. Here are some rare Dean Ambrose photos that you may have never seen before!

1) Dean With Long Hair

Dean is known as the one member of the Shield with short hair. It turns out that this wasn’t always the case.

Here is a photo of Dean sporting some long locks during his independent career:

2) Young Dean Wrestles For WWE (With Pink Hair)

Fans of Dean Ambrose prior to his WWE career know that he occasionally used to sport pink hair. No greater example was when he appeared for WWE with his pink locks.

Dean wrestled Val Venis on the January 19th, 2007 episode of WWE Heat. Here is Dean rocking the pink hair for this match:

3) Dean Appears On WWE Velocity

Another appearance for Dean as a WWE jobber was in a tag team match in 2007. He teamed with Brad Taylor to take on MNM on a 2006 episode of WWE Velocity.

Here is a photo of a young Dean with his tag team partner before their match.

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