Speculation On Which Brand The 2018 Royal Rumble Winner Will Come From

The 2017 Royal Rumble match was won by Randy Orton, who went on to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 33. The WWE Pay-Per-View event list for 2018 dropped this week, which leads us to speculate on which brand will win the 2018 Royal Rumble match.

We speculate that a Smackdown Live star will win the Royal Rumble match in 2018. Why Smackdown you ask?

Brock Lesnar is rumored to have two matches left on his contract, one at the Royal Rumble and one at Wrestlemania 34. The Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View (on February 25th) happens to be a RAW exclusive event, which means that Brock likely won’t be defending his title. Instead, WWE could do the Elimination Chamber match, with the winner getting a shot at Brock Lesnar and the Universal Title at Wrestlemania 34. This would serve as the main event for the Pay-Per-View, without having to have Brock defend his belt.

With rumors of Brock facing Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, this makes even more sense. WWE would likely avoid having Roman win the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia for a second time. Most fans will remember the negative response that he received in 2015.

As a result, we speculate that a Smackdown star will win the Royal Rumble match to earn a shot at the WWE Title. The Elimination Chamber match will set up the number one contender for Brock’s Universal Title.

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