Wrestlemania 34 Match Predictions Before Clash Of Champions

Wrestlemania 34 takes place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. WWE will want to put on a great show at the event. Even though it is way too early, here are our Wrestlemania 34 match predictions that we think WWE will make for the event.

Wrestlemania 34 Match Predictions

John Cena vs Samoa Joe

John Cena and Samoa Joe have a long history with one another, stemming back to their time together in Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW).

Regardless of what people say about John Cena, wrestling him in a high-profile match at Wrestlemania would be a big deal. Samoa Joe didn’t get to wrestle at Wrestlemania 33 and this will be his first time wrestling at the event. A singles match against John Cena would be quite the Wrestlemania debut for Joe.

I think WWE would be smart to make this match a reality. They can push their previous relationship as the key element of the storyline and build from there.

There were some rumors that this match was planned for Wrestlemania 33 before the mixed tag team match came up for Cena. Maybe it will happen at Wrestlemania 34? We saw a tease during the Men’s elimination match at Survivor Series when they were in the ring together.

I personally would love to see it.

Cruiserweight Title Ladder Match

I think that this year, WWE will do something different with the Cruiserweight’s…. A ladder match!

The division hasn’t exactly been thriving over the past few months. For some reason the division just isn’t connecting with the audience, even though they have some incredible performers.

How about tossing in some of the top Cruiserweight’s into a ladder match for the title? With their high-flying abilities, this could be a lot of fun. It could also be a great showcase for the division on the biggest stage possible.

Use this match to kick-off Wrestlemania 34 and get the crowd hyped up immediately. Could be the right decision and a match that a lot of fans would like to see.

Have to imagine that the high-flyers in the division could put on something special or at least a few fun moments to get the crowd excited.

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