12 Best NXT Takeover Matches Of All Time

12 Best NXT Takeover Matches of All-Time by @McIverTheMark – Right, I like NXT. It has a great feel- almost like an independent show and can craft characters and storylines that would never get close on the main roster. I thought I’d rank my personal top 12 matches in Takeover history! I will miss out plenty of matches and in a few days’ time I’ll kick myself for forgetting a match but hey…Let’s Go!

12) Sami Zayn vs Cesaro

NXT Arrival

You always remember your first right? Before NXT Takeover Arrival, I didn’t really know what NXT was. I knew guys like The Shield, Wyatt Family, Big E etc. had come from the developmental brand but had never, ever watched it.

Zayn vs Cesaro changed that. What an introduction, the character behind Sami showing his underdog almost rookie mentality while Cesaro showed his undeniable strength in full effect. What an introduction to NXT.

You can see some highlights of the match here:

A great match.

11) Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze

NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way

This had everything you need in a fatal 4-way. The grizzled veteran sent down to developmental for a career resurgence (Kidd), the cocky heel who thinks he’s above it all (Breeze), the underdog everyone loves (Zayn) and the champion with the odds stacked against him (Neville).

The Tower of Doom spot continues to be one of my favourite moments of the night and the finish was fantastic.

Neville ended up retaining his title with a Red Arrow to Kidd. Overall a fantastic match between four great talents!

You can watch the match highlights here:

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