Top 5 WWE Stars That Spent The Longest Time In The Ring In A Single Royal Rumble Match

4) Triple H

2006 Royal Rumble Match

Triple H had some tough luck at the 2006 Royal Rumble, as he was forced to enter the match first after drawing the unlucky number 1.

Triple H would eliminate 5 other superstars and would remain in the match for over an hour (1:00:16). Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to win him the match as he was eliminated in the 28 spot by the eventual winner Rey Mysterio.

Don’t feel too bad for Triple H… He would end up getting a WWE title shot anyways. Triple H won the Road to WrestleMania tournament by last defeating Rob Van Dam and the Big Show.

Triple H would go on to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 22 for the WWE Championship in the main event. He lost the match via submission.

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