Two WWE Stars Lost Out On A Role On GLOW To Alex Riley

If you watched the Netflix series: GLOW, you likely caught former WWE superstar Alex Riley. Riley played the role of ‘Steel Horse’ during the 5th episode of the 1st season. He played a professional wrestler on the show.

It turns out that Riley beat out two big WWE stars for the role.

On a recent episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho revealed that he auditioned for the role and didn’t get the part:

“I actually set up my little phone in the dressing room in Edmonton [Canada] after a show in a room by myself and I auditioned… Steel Horse, for Steel Horse, and I didn’t get it. And not only I didn’t get it, but Alex Riley got it. He’s about a one on the scale of [pro] wrestling notoriety!”

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Chavo Guerrero was the ‘wrestling coordinator’ for the show, training the female cast. He revealed on Talk is Jericho that the Miz also auditioned for the part.

“It’s kind of cool because when they were casting this role and a couple of other roles, I was in on it. I was there and it was cool to see because I do a little bit of acting here and there and it was cool to see what they look for. Chris did great. Chris did great. I mean, I’d put him over. They were looking at me like, ‘you know these guys, right?’ and I’m like, ‘yes.’ He did great. We had Miz, The Miz auditioned for it. Yeah, yeah, and then Alex and a couple of other people too. We had different people we were doing. They all were very good. Everyone did very good, but he took it to the next level. In fact, he came out in a bathrobe and kind of in character, in costume, and they were looking for that.”

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