Wrestlemania 35 Predictions – 8 Things That Will Happen Before The Event

Wrestlemania 35 is still a long time away. We thought that we would look into the long-term of WWE and predict what we think will happen prior to the event in 2019. Hopefully most of these (if not all) come true! Here are our Wrestlemania 35 predictions.

1st Prediction – The ‘Balor Club’ Will Have Formed Before Wrestlemania 35

Finn Balor has been teasing a bullet club reunion with his old friends Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ever since the tag team signed with the company.

We already saw a faction in WWE with Gallows, Anderson and AJ Styles dubbed ‘The Club’. AJ Styles was a former leader of the Bullet Club faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling but the original leader of the group was actually Finn Balor.

We predict that WWE will form the ‘Balor Club’ under Balor’s leadership before Wrestlemania 35 takes place. It seems like there is too much money on the table for not only the group but a storyline involving leadership (between AJ and Balor).

I also predict that this version of the Balor Club will feature more than just Anderson and Gallows. It would be pretty great to see a faction with several members more members included. There are tons of options, including adding a female member to the group.

I think that it will certainly happen and will have a chance to be really good if WWE does it correctly. There is no doubt in my mind that the Balor Club will form before Wrestlemania 35 takes place.

2nd Prediction – A Member Of The New Day Becomes World Champion Before Wrestlemania 35

I think that before Wrestlemania 35, we will see one member of the New Day become World Champion in WWE.

The group is already the longest reigning tag team in WWE history, how much more can they accomplish in the tag team division?

The best candidate is Big E. He is big, a good wrestler and can cut a great promo. According to Wade Keller on an appearance on the Steve Austin Show, Vince McMahon was reportedly debating between Big E and Roman Reigns for who should be ‘the Guy’ in the company several years back. As we know, he eventually chose Reigns but that shows you how highly Vince views Big E.

I think that it could be a decent concept if Big E was able to win the title with the help of the New Day. Or even Big E turns on Xavier and Kofi, leading to his singles run as a heel. Others have suggested Kofi getting a World Title run before he retires. This could also work but I think that Big E has the best chance of getting a major push.

Regardless of who it turns out to be, I can see the company giving a big push to a member of the New Day before Wrestlemania 35. Just have a strange feeling that it is going to happen at some point.

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