Wrestlemania 35 Predictions – 8 Things That Will Happen Before The Event

7th Prediction – Batista Returns To WWE Before Wrestlemania 35

Batista is putting together quite the resume in Hollywood at the moment. He has appeared in blockbusters like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spectre. It is clear that he doesn’t need to return to WWE.

While saying that, a recent interview from Batista has me thinking that he is 100% coming back to the ring. He said that he remains in contact with Vince and has an idea for a final storyline with Triple H.

Batista also says that when he returns, he wants to return at a full-time schedule. He doesn’t want to half-ass it, he wants to be around for it all.

With Batista’s mainstream popularity at an all-time high, it would be the perfect time to bring him back to the company at some point in the next year. Batista will be featured in the new Avengers movie (2018), which is guaranteed to be a blockbuster. I think WWE will try to capitalize off the momentum of Batista and we will see him back in the ring.

I think before Wrestlemania 34, we will see Batista back with WWE.

8th Prediction – Daniel Bryan Wrestles Again For WWE Before Wrestlemania 35

I don’t know how smart it actually will be for Daniel Bryan to wrestle again but I think that it is going to happen. If it doesn’t happen in WWE, it will happen somewhere else.

Daniel has been adamant about his desire to return to the ring. He has been cleared by multiple doctors but not the ones that count the most for him right now: WWE’s.

I think that WWE will allow Daniel to wrestle again, because they simply won’t have much choice. If WWE doesn’t clear him, Daniel Bryan is going to give a major boost to any wrestling promotion that scoops him up. WWE isn’t in the Monday Night Wars or anything right now but another promotion adding Daniel would be MAJOR, in my opinion at least. .

With Kurt Angle recently being cleared by WWE, I think that we could eventually see the same thing happen with Daniel. I don’t know if it is best for his health or not but I think it will happen. Probably the boldest of all our Wrestlemania 35 predictions.

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Let us know what you think will happen in WWE before Wrestlemania 35 takes place. Do you agree or disagree with any of our Wrestlemania 35 predictions?  We want to hear from you in the comment section.