WWE Rumors: Big Plans For Jeff Hardy

As noted prior, WWE is reportedly planning to use the ‘Broken’ gimmick for Matt Hardy. There are still some questions to sort out regarding when it will actually happen but all indications seem to be that WWE fans will be seeing ‘Broken’ Matt at some point.

There are a ton of rumors circulating about what this will mean for Jeff Hardy. A reminder as always to take rumors with a grain of salt.

There has been a lot of talk that with Matt going back to his ‘Broken’ character (whenever it happens), WWE might  decide not to include Jeff. As many fans of the Hardy’s know, Jeff wrestled as ‘Brother Nero’ over the past year and played a huge part in the ‘Broken’ gimmick/storyline with Matt.

Why would WWE not include him? Jeff is known to sell a TON of merchandise. It is rumored that during his time on top of WWE back in 2008/2009, he was even outselling John Cena. With the Hardy Boyz return receiving such an incredible response, it is clear that they can both still draw the company a ton of money. Jeff specifically, has always been a merchandise selling machine.

Rumors suggest that WWE will allow Matt to become ‘Broken’ but will do his own thing without Jeff (probably on separate brands). Jeff will continue on under his usual gimmick and be pushed into the main event picture. Matches like Jeff Hardy vs Finn Balor and Jeff Hardy vs Brock Lesnar have been discussed as possibilities. Jeff would be back in a top spot, much like he was in his previous run with the company.

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This past weeks episode of RAW featured Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro in what WWE was hyping up as a dream match. This could be a hint about his future and many more dream matches to come as a singles competitor.

As for now, the Hardy Boyz will continue to hold the tag team titles for the next little while. If these rumors turn out to be true, expect to see Jeff pushed to the moon before the year is over.

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  • Denisekayeoharra

    Maybe? Broken Matt vs The Lunatic Fringe?

  • Denisekayeoharra

    I like the idea of Jeff vs Seth!