Potential Hint On How Long Jinder Mahal Will Hold The WWE Title For

Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion at Backlash after he defeated Randy Orton. Many fans have given their opinions on Jinder winning the title. Some loved it and others can’t stand the decision. One thing is clear, it has gotten fans talking.

In videos posted after his win, it appears as if Jinder will be working as a heel in the United States but will be portrayed as a babyface in India.

Jinder cut a heel promo for WWE’s Youtube channel after his title victory. He also cut a much different one for fans in India.

Something that is very interesting from his message to the Indian fans was that he says he is looking forward to defending his title in India.

Why is this interesting? WWE doesn’t actually come to India for any live events until (what is rumored to be) September. That could mean if WWE is serious about their expansion into India, they will keep the title on Jinder until after those events. Would make more sense for WWE to want him to walk into the events as champion.

Things can change over the next several months but this could be a hint that there are some (fairly) long-term plans for him as champion.

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