WWE Rumors: WWE’s Feelings On A CM Punk Return

As many fans know, WWE and CM Punk did not part ways on the best of terms. You have probably heard Punk’s infamous podcast appearance on the ‘Art Of Wrestling’ where he aired his grievances with the company. This included Punk saying that he received his release papers on his wedding day.

There have been plenty of rumors circulating this week about Punk and a potential return to WWE. There has been a lot of confusion about the topic, so we thought that we would try to clear things up a bit.

The rumors are not about Punk himself wanting to come back to WWE, it is actually the other way around. The rumors are stemming from Dave Meltzer’s comments in a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribe here).

Meltzer was talking about Mauro Ranallo returning to WWE, even though he originally left on bad terms. Here is the comment that has gotten fans talking:

“That’s why, no matter what is said, WWE wants C.M. Punk back and even though Punk was adamant about never doing it, history tells you time heals a lot of wounds.”

We have seen WWE heal old wounds with a number of people in the past. This includes names like Bret Hart and the Ultimate Warrior to only name a few. If there is money to be made, Vince McMahon seems to be able to do what is best for business. Would WWE want CM Punk to return one day? We have to assume yes as there would be a ton of money to be made. The comments from Meltzer seem accurate about WWE wanting Punk back.

The real issue is, will Punk ever change his mind? He has been adamant about never returning to the company but will he think like that forever? We will have to wait and see. History does give us a bit of hope.

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