WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Returns That Could Happen

With the Women’s Royal Rumble match happening in 2018, fans are excited about all of the potential surprises that we could see. We will likely see a handful of debuts from NXT and also some female stars of the past returning to compete in the match. We have put together a list of 11 female stars who we think have a chance at returning to the match! Thanks for checking out the list of WWE Women’s Royal Rumble returns that could happen.


Credit – WWE

A name that I have seen come up when speculating on surprise returns is former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria.

She is still wrestling, with her most recent appearance being in early December at the House of Hardcore 36 event. Since she is still active, I could see her being a potential surprise for the first-ever Women’s Rumble match.

I think that she would receive a nice little pop from the crowd and it could be a fun moment.


Credit – WWE

A name that I think has a chance to return for this match is former Divas Champion Kaitlyn.

Back in September, Kaitlyn posted a photo of her doing some wrestling training. While this doesn’t confirm a return to WWE, it does tell us that she might have the wrestling bug back.

She would receive a decent pop from the crowd and it could be a fun return.

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