7 Stories From Former WWE Writers On The Difficulty Of Working For The McMahon Family

As fans, when WWE is putting out poor programming, some of the first people that we like to blame are the WWE writers. After doing some research and seeing some ex-WWE employees talk about their job, it sounds like WWE is a pretty difficult place to work. Here are stories from former WWE writers about how difficult it is to work for the McMahon family and WWE.

1) It’s A 24/7 Job

Many fans know that Vince McMahon eats, sleeps and breathes WWE. Due to that, he has extremely high expectations of his employees.

Former WWE writer: Chris DeJoseph was interviewed by Wrestling Inc. He spoke about the challenges that came with a WWE writers job. He says that when you work for Vince, it is essentially a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job:

“Then you’d work the entire time on Vince’s plane, which was horrible. You go to a meeting, you go through the show, there’s changes, there’s re-writes and you produce the show. Then you get in a car and go to the next town, get on an airplane and start all over again”

When asked what the most difficult part of working for Vince was:

“The schedule. That was extremely difficult. Being on the road 49-52 week a year takes a toll on you. There’s really no days off when you work for Vince McMahon on the creative team. There’s never a day where you weren’t eating, sleeping, drinking WWE all day long. Politically it’s challenging for a lot of people, and it’s all about how you carry yourself and getting people to like you. It’s like a fraternity and you have to be accepted into the family and that’s difficult for some people”

If you want to work for WWE, prepare to be ready to dedicate your life to it.

2) Vince’s Micromanaging

Not only are employees of the WWE asked to dedicate all of their time and effort to their job, they also have to deal with Vince micromanaging every detail.

Former WWE writer; Kevin Marshall gave some insight into working on WWE’s creative team. He explains that Vince micromanaged everything, making it difficult to do his job.

Here is what he said:

“Basically everything is micromanaged to death and I know there is a lot of talk of ‘they’ over there when we talk about the writing process for the show. It is no secret that the buck stops with Vince, but when I was there, and I guess that this started sometime before even I started there back last October, he was micromanaging everything to death. Basically you’re sitting there trying to write for him and you’re trying to figure out what he wants”

He continued:

“The job became very quickly trying to figure out what Vince is thinking and then having him tell you he’s changed his mind. So when we talk about the show being rewritten as it’s happening, what I need people to know is that show was likely written well in advance and there was an attempt at it, but either nothing was approved or everything got scrapped and rewritten by the man himself”

Would imagine it would be hard to do your job with Vince picking everything apart.

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