10 Interesting WWE Storyline Plans That Almost Happened

The world of WWE is full of rumors about storylines and matches that have been discussed. We thought that we would put together of list of some of the most interesting storylines that were planned but never ended up happening in WWE. Some would have been incredible if they did.

Dean Ambrose vs Mick Foley

Some fans will remember that back in 2012, Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose were involved in a small feud. Ambrose was in Florida Championship Wrestling at the time and began harassing Foley while he was out in public.

Ambrose accused Foley of influencing a generation of pro-wrestlers to hurt themselves and take crazy risks like he did. This included Ambrose confronting Foley at an autograph signing at Wrestlemania and going back-and-forth with one another on social media. It turns out that the plan was for this to lead into an actual match between the two, according to Ambrose on ‘Talk is Jericho’:

“It was going to be a real thing. That was the start of it. It was my idea, something that I pitched. I’m of the generation who watched Mick Foley fall off stuff, and on the indies people are falling off ladders and getting hurt. I did a lot of hardcore stuff before I got here [the WWE].”

The match was pulled at the last-minute after Foley couldn’t get cleared to return to the ring. This would have been one heck of a main roster debut for Dean, coming in as a virtually unknown against Mick Foley.

Also, if this would have happened, seems unlikely that Ambrose would have been a part of the Shield. Looks like we missed out on an interesting match, but at Foley’s age, it was probably for the best.

Mark Jindrak Was Almost In Evolution

You might remember Mark Jindrak from his time in WWE from 2001 until 2005. It turns out that there were originally some big plans for him and his career.

Triple H revealed in his DVD: ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ that Jindrak was going to be the fourth member of Evolution alongside Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.

There were even vignettes that were shot with Jindrak in the role of Batista:

For undisclosed reasons, Jindrak was replaced by Batista and the rest is history. Jindrak was released by WWE in 2005, while Batista has gone on to become a megastar in both wrestling and Hollywood.

Crazy to think that this all could have been different and nearly was.

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